Feedback is a gift and during my time coaching, several clients have been kind enough to share their thoughts on how the session(s) have benefited them both them personally and professionally. Here’s a few of my latest testimonials…

“I found our team coaching session with Shane really insightful in identifying ways to improve team collaboration and engagement. Shane was an excellent facilitator, listening to the team’s discussion and helping us to delve deeper where mattered. We’ve now got a strong team charter in place which I’m sure is going to help us maximise results.” Claire Dyett, Digital Marketing Manager at Mars Horsecare UK.

“Shane is an enthusiastic & considered facilitator. He works well with associates of all levels and encourages a balanced group discussion. I’d thoroughly recommend Shane.” Luke Saunders, Brand Manager at Mars Horsecare UK.

“Many thanks again for an excellent session on Friday. Possibly the best team interaction and overall positivity I’ve seen yet. You’re a genius!.” Gordon Smith, Sales & Marketing Director at Mars Horsecare UK.

“Shane is a brilliant and inspiring facilitator, who creates a relaxed and fun learning environment and keeps energy levels high throughout his sessions.  He is a great listener and tailors his sessions to the specific needs of his audience.  I always enjoy the time I get to spend with Shane.” Nikki Collins, National Sales Manager at Spillers Horse Feeds.

“Shane, you always deliver such positive and engaging sessions, with genuine authenticity. You manage to generate great results from any team and deliver your sessions with humour and endless enthusiasm – thank you!” Sarah Dawson, Professional Sales Manager at Spillers Horse Feeds.

“Shane is one of the best group facilitators I’ve seen, he puts everything into making sure your day adds real value from excellent preparation to the energy he brings to the room. He has the unique ability to draw the best out of individuals and teams  enabling them to reach their full potential. I’d thoroughly recommend him to anyone that wants their team to excel.” Clare Barfoot, Research & Development Manager at Winergy.

“You are so positive, you are calm and you really make a difference to other people through your ability to see the best in everyone and every situation. You are never put off by challenges or roadblocks and your coaching helped me to start adopting this mindset and outlook. You are also one of the bravest and most honest people I know and I am so happy you are following your dreams – that is what you’re great at! Being true to yourself and an inspiration to others.” Voda

“Through working with you and being coached by you, you serve as a reminder always, that things can and will get better. You remind people that self care, self kindness and self exploration are all important, even in the chaos of everything else going on and you are always open to talk, help or support. Through our recent sessions, you’ve helped equip me with some simple but seriously effective tools that I have been using recently and will continue to use. You’ve helped make things practical and that was really valuable for me.”

“I just wanted to really thank you for the coaching sessions you ave me, you really helped me to tackle a number of things that were going on for me. You made every session an enjoyable experience and really listened to what I had to say, you provided positive challenge and your questions led me to some personal breakthroughs.


An amazing few sessions of training with Shane! A huge thank you, you successfully pushed us all to work out of our comfort zones and guided us on how to tackle certain situations. Truly inspiring sessions for the team and each individual as well as showing us how we can coach each other to improve. Thank you!

Shane always creates a fun and relaxed environment and is very easy going. He keeps energy levels high throughout and his sessions are always very motivating.

He offers great support and really listens to what people have to say. He gets the whole team involved and brings so much positivity to every session.

I would certainly recommend Shane to anyone!

If you are looking for a fantastic trainer – Shane in your guy! Each session I have had with Shane has been fun, engaging and very informative. I have picked up many tips and learning methods from Shane, that has helped me in my job role and everyday life. As a trainer Shane really listens to you as an individual, provides advice and great techniques improve situations whilst keeping session interactive and fun!

Thanks Shane and I look forward to future sessions! J

Shane is a fantastic coach, who always makes you feel at ease in his company. Shane is always extremely professional and very adaptable. Shane has offered me and my colleagues some great advice and his help on many occasions. I am always excited when I know we have training/coaching from Shane as I know I am always going to learn something new and take something very valuable away with me and it never feels like a waste of time when working in a busy role. I would recommend Shane’s training/coaching to any business or individual.

“ I just want to pass my thanks on to Shane who was a pleasure to meet. Shane thrives on helping people and is extremely passionate with any task he is set “

I have known Shane for over 8 years primarily whilst working for his previous employer. Shane has always been such a delight to deal with and always very helpful and pleasant.  Now he has gone out on his own I feel he is the perfect person to do this in his field of expertise.  The team at Red Berry have already taken on board what Shane has shown them and are far more engaging and team spirited than before.  Red Berry will be using Shane on an ongoing basis and are looking forward to him presenting at our annual company meeting in April.

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