HR Consultation

Whether large or small, every business has one thing in common, its People… and whatever your associates are your business challenge or opportunity, I am here to help.

I can provide Human Resource Management on an ad-hoc or longer term contractual basis or can advise and deliver on your Longer-term strategy or operational business need on any of the key proactive HR topics:

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Organisational Design

In todays world of constant change, volatility and uncertainty it is vital that every business has the right design to be effective to serve their customer needs, by working with you and your teams I can help you get the right design to deliver your strategy.

Employee Engagement

Engagement can make the difference between business success or failure – how to get your people enthusiastic and committed to what you are trying to achieve can massively improve your culture… and your bottom line.

Talent Acquisition

Is your recruitment slow, are you getting the right talent in to your business? I can help to impact your business performance by taking this on your behalf

Learning and Development

I specialise in design and implementing all sorts of leadership development interventions that are exponential, fun and will help your business leaders to drive your business forward.

Wellbeing Strategies

Is absence (or presentism) costing you and your business? Do your employees have the tools to stay physically and emotionally well in an ever-changing world?

HR Strategies

Do you have the right plan in place top achieve all of the above? I can come in free of charge and assess your current HR strategy and look at how I can support you, your business and your people.

What next….

Please contact me if you would like a free consultation to discuss how we can work together.


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